Synthesis Presents: Third Eye With John OO’ FLeming


The DJ Craft…


I want to be a DJ, what style or type of music you think I should play? I don’t want to be rude but If this is you, just stop reading this and share it with someone that knows what style to play, someone that cares about music, and knows the music they love.

Still here? Great! Here is just a humble and honest opinion about what this DJ and industry thing is all about.


Djing is a respectable career, but nowadays the essence often gets forgotten. Sure, anyone can be a DJ, your mom, dad, pops, anyone that knows how to unlock an Ipad is qualified. Guest what? IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! Crazy right?

Many aspiring DJs think that is all about the most technical skills, cleanest beatmatching, or best gear. Is not about playing the coolest and latest tunes, standing behind the decks looking fly, waiting for your drink tickets for you and your guest, fist pumping, or to be better than your fellow DJ’s.

Believe me, you can have all of these skills but if the people in front of you are bored, you need to go back to the bedroom and try again. Trust me…

A DJ knows the type music a bit better than you, then your friends, than the people on the dance floor. Therefore your job as a DJ is to generate shared moods, to understand the feelings of the people in front of you and taking them on a beautiful musical journey.

This is a spiritual bond between a human being and music…



Synthesis Presents: Event Horizon With Indecent Noise

Sounds amazing right? But hold on slim! The reality is that there is so much competition, and fewer gigs at basic level. You will have to work extra hard to the bone in order to get a tiny bit of what it tastes like. I am not trying to discourage you but that's the way it is…

However, what you may lack in experience, you make up for it with enthusiasm and passion.

Maybe you are the next super star DJ, but until you play out in front of people, you won’t know.


Just remember that DJing is not really about being a celebrity, it’s about music, the music that you love.

In the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing tips and pointers to help you get there and to help you avoid some mistakes that I have personally made and seen.

If you are up for it, my goal is to chip in, support you and help you graduate From the bedroom, to the club…


Much love,